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International Association of Emergency Managers (IAEM)

Emergency Managers FEMA Daily National Situation Updates

All Hands - Emergency Management Community Portal - Prepare. Plan. Stay Informed

Emergency Management Institute's Training

EM (from Emergency Information Infrastructure Project (EIIP))

Emergency Management Institute Training

Wikipedia definition of Emergency Management (your chance to shape the definition)

Wikipedia definition of Chemical Warfare

Do 1 Thing - Do 1 thing is a 12-month program that makes it easier for you to prepare yourself, your family, and your community for emergencies and disasters.

The National Homeland Security Knowledgebase (NHSK) - a comprehensive collection of links, resources, and news in Emergency Management, Homeland Security, Defense, and global security issues.

Homeland Security News and Resources (courtesy of - an excellent source news and links.

Global Alert Information Map

Weather/Natural Disaster Related

National Hurricane Center

HurricaneCity.Com - features the city most threatened when a storm is on the move, lets you search for a city to learn about it's hurricane history, and provides a ranking scale for what cities & Islands get affected most by tropical systems in the entire Atlantic basin.

The Tornado Project Online - a list of tornadoes by state. It also lists the Fujita scale of tornado intensity and other tornado information.

Wundermap Interactive - Interactive radar and weather stations

Interactive Weather Information Network - National Weather Service provides maps and details of weather and storm warning conditions by state. 

Severe Weather Alerts - Severe Weather Alerts Map 

Crown Weather Svs - a one-stop weather information site

NOAA Weather Radio

Other Links

New Radiation Symbol

HomelandSecurityEDU - A resource for those looking to the future and aspiring to become homeland security professionals at the federal, state and local levels

Digital Archive: Gas Warfare in World War I Lists and provides pdf copies of the 20 reports issued following WWI, written by R. Cochran on Gas Warfare. Cochrane, Rexmond Canning. Gas Warfare in World War I. U.S. Army Chemical Corps Historical Office. Army Chemical Center, Maryland: U.S. Army Chemical Corps Historical Office. 1959-1960. Note about content: Documents were scanned and provided in .pdf files. Many of the files still need some cleaning-up but we are providing them now since users have requested e-access. 

Early Bird - Current military related news compiled from multiple sources

Recommended Reading

Emergency Management: Concepts and Strategies...  

Introduction to Emergency Management...  by George Haddow and Jane Bullock

Fun Search Engines

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